A City

for KS who asked me what is a “real” city
Saturday, October 31, 2015

A city is a very unique place. It is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs, income and social classes, religions and lack thereof, sexualities and perversities, just about everything. It is a crush of humanity, a concentration of everything that makes us the complicated living beings that we are. In a real city you see all that, you see the wealth and the grunge, the beautiful and the ugly, the old and the new. A real city is big, dynamic, energetic, it is a grown-up, it is not a debutante at a ball, it is not a country cousin, it is a priestess with a mohawk, a social worker with chain studs, a person with tattoos welcoming refugees, it is art in the galleries and shit on the sidewalk, it is shiny glass towers and broken glass windows, it is life itself with all its foibles, wearing its scars and bruises like jewelry. A city is human, it is us.