Été Large by Luise Volkmann
Saturday, February 17, 2018
Eudaimonia by Été Large

I really have to indulge in some hyperbole. I was fortunate enough to experience Luise Volkmann’s group Été Large’s performance at Aufsturz in Berlin where they mostly played works from their latest release called Eudaimonia. It was absolutely one of the most exciting, innovative, fresh new sounds I’ve heard in a while. Just breathtaking. It was as if Alice in Wonderland created an orchestral performance with a fuck-you to her classical music and jazz lessons by spiking them with experimental noise. Discordant yet melodic, achingly beautiful.

Per Wikipedia, “In Aristotle’s works, eudaimonia (based on older Greek tradition) was used as the term for the highest human good.”1 In that, I believe Luise Volkmann has succeeded brilliantly. I completely understand now why, « Die ZEIT wählte “Eudaimonia” unter die besten Alben 2017 »

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