Fanfare For The Silent Man - 2

a daycycle in 4 parts, composed circa 1992, Northern Karnataka and Bangalore
Tuesday, January 1, 1980
the beast master

the beast master’s evening

subservient and supplicant
obsequious at that
to a master who is dangerous
like a cornered rat

onerous selves, served to sate
they sacrifice a hen
gather round with seven plates
heads of seven men

the belly of a pregnant sow
a seediness that’s grim
rants and raves and gorges on
a momentary whim

what will you do? when will you come?
which one? for whom and how?
who are you with? where have you been?
why are you thinking now?

so lashes out, screams a name
rasping through the snout
doubles up with pain of shame
slinks and starts to pout

a feeble id flows and fades
and flows to fade once more
as the tide that clings for life
on a slippery shore

waning like another tide
a temporary lull
shallow as the thoughts that float
within the master’s skull

ephemeral as the foam
upon the waves recedes
out-of-sight is out-of-mind
such complacence it breeds

looking in the wishing well
a source of shallow strength
turn the back for another piece
of tripe of a quarter length

“some offal please,” a piece of flesh
oozing sticky fat
“thanks for the gut, is it time yet
to skin another cat?”

who is to blame for the master’s shame
a weakness there to see
the slaves will stir from their slumber
longing to be free

grumbling from beneath the veil
pray, condone their sins
mercy from the screaming of
a thousand violins

night may bring hope