Fanfare For The Silent Man - 3

a daycycle in 4 parts, composed circa 1992, Northern Karnataka and Bangalore
Tuesday, January 1, 1980

night may bring hope

the silent man, the silent man
said not a word today
oh fie, oh fie, he must have had
at least a word to say

the running child calls his name
he does not turn around
he does not listen, he does not stop
he must have heard the sound

strangely so, he lets it go
a shuffling askance
walks away the other way
without a backward glance

look inside, peel the layers
use a keener lens
sifting through the garbage for
an iota of sense

listen for a reason, think
what he might have meant
detect a tiny motion of
a deeper discontent

he may be tired, he may be caught
in a longer term-ish mood
he may want to chat with them
or he may want to brood

he may have a plan of work
that he may think he can
think it through until it’s time
for him to work the plan

he may have had a friend of late
who used to come around
now it’s just a faint mistrust
a feeble protest sound

in all this din they’re crying out
“c’mon, let boredom brew!”
it’s not good you’re trying to
be another you

rationale of humans
lives a living death
words contort, gasping short
a life that ends with breath

chariots of fallen gods
sagging at their sails
commiserate with earthly lords
confusion prevails

end of the day might bring reprieve
or silence at the least
such hope alone unconvincing in
the bosom of the beast