L’Amour Vrai est Impossible

Friday, July 3, 2015

There he was, sitting by the circle, on rue Levert, bent over a small stool writing in small but neat handwriting. The hand-written sign above him said, “donnez-moi un thème, et j’ecris un poeme… prix libre.” Sounded like a deal.

Laurent Hili

He didn’t know much English, and to be fair, I don’t know much French, so I tasked him with “Impossible Love.” He asked “Why?” and I glibly replied, “Because true love is impossible,” and I continued on my walk. Thirty minutes later I returned and he had produced the following:

est intouchable
tout ce qui se nomme
la verité une couleur
qui dans le noir
est nommée
je touche le vert sentiment
et dépose mes émotions
dans le bleu du ciel

un «je-ne-t’aime-plus»
m’a rendu l’amour
dans les embruns fin de l’été

l’Amour en substance divine
n’a nulle part où se loger
il est le recipient du monde

     Laurent Hili

L’amour est Impossible

What a deal, amoureusement vrai

Copyright Notice: Unlike all my work on this website, which is CC0 Public Domain Dedication, the poem above has been written by Laurent Hili. Since he didn’t indicate his copyright preference, I will assume he holds all rights in it. However, since he wrote it for me, on demand, and gave it to me, I will presume that I have the freedom to share it with the rest of the world. So please enjoy but do not copy the poem.