The Light at the Break of Dawn

for the love of my life
Sunday, September 22, 2013
The light at the break of dawn

When hell broke loose I lost my ways
When nights turned long and long were days

When that I trusted did not pan
And those who wouldn’t, stopped who can

Down was up and up was down
And smiles were all inverted frowns

It didn't rain for twenty weeks
And what I sought I couldn’t seek

It was dry, very dry
I had tears I couldn’t cry

My head was dead, my heart was bone
And rocks were softer than my stone

Bitterness just filled my brain
Silent sobs that left their stain

Then a sliver, slender crack
Through dark grey clouds peeling back

A blush that spread on cold dark cheeks
Signaled warmth that would eke

A brand new day of gentle calm
And laughter like a soothing balm

It was a sign to persist on
'twas the light at the break of dawn