The Reformation APIs

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

If five hundred years ago, almost to the day, a monk can hang his theses to change the course of religion, I can, rather more modestly, create a few APIs to experiment with changing how information is accessed or processed. I call these, my adventures in programming, the Reformation APIs.


Zenodo + nodejs = Zenodeo

Zenodo has an API, but we wanted an API that would serve the needs of the Biodiversity Literature Repository community. Additionally, we wanted to provide more documentation and hand-holding than is provided by Zenodo. While we were at it, we also decided to document the API using the OpenAPI 3.0 specification. Presenting Zenodeo


I am building a REST interface to simple NLP tasks as a device to learn both programming and NLP. For now, it supports

  • tokenize and stem
  • POS tagging
  • n-grams
  • geoparsing

Check out Deuxems