So This is How it Happened

Thursday, February 5, 2004

That day started just the same as
many other weekend days.
But I knew Feb 1, 04 was
special in so many ways.

All was quiet, silent, still,
no sound, no movement in the house.
No human-being, fish or cat,
not a keyboard, not a mouse.

I got up quietly from the bed,
and stretched my gently aching neck.
Then tiptoed to the sleeping girl
and gave her cheek a little peck.

Crept down the stairs and fed the fish,
Made a pot of steaming joe.
Peeked outside and shivered at
the hardened, day-old dirty snow.

The living beings stirred at last,
and got out of their comfy beds.
3 fishes, humans, and 2 cats,
non-limbed, two-legged, and quadripeds.

Breakfast was a special treat,
hot crepes with fruit, no buttered scones.
Conversation broken only
by the ringing telephones.

Time to open up the gifts,
stacked up next to the chocolate cake,
Looking like a christmas tree;
not real, silly, just a fake!

Two pants, a robe, and rubberbands,
and scrunchies to reign in her hair.
A letter, cards, subwoofer, and
a champagne glass shaped stereo pair.

Leftover pasta served for lunch,
pooja with her and her mum,
was followed by a dinner of
hot pooris, spicy gobhi dum.

That's how it was, just a day,
one out of the 365,
That make up this and every year,
Since you and I have been alive.

But this was special, a special day,
a day of joy, a day of grace,
a day of fun and family,
birthday of my little Nes.

I thought of what is yet to come,
and pondered over what has been.
This is how it happened now,
this day my daughter turned 16.