The World Bank

Tuesday, January 1, 1980

GIS Specialist The World Bank Washington DC, USA (1993-1997)

The World Bank is the world's premier lending agency involved in poverty alleviation, and third world development. I worked at the Bank's Washington DC headquarters conducting project evaluation and consulting, costing, staffing, developing training plans and estimates, requirements gathering, and advising on consultancy procurement on operational missions to Asia and South America.

  • Evaluation of GIS application for mapping metal-mining hazards in Bolivia.
  • Forestry projects in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Bihar, India.
  • Hazardous waste tracking system in the State of Gujarat, India.
  • Pollution control project, State of Tamil Nadu, India.

While in DC, I also provided GIS/MIS support for improving Sectoral Business Processes working at the Bank's only GIS facility, first in the Asia Technical Department, and then in the Central Environment Department.

  • Web-enabled GIS and database application of marine protected areas for the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

I also was involved in conducting departmental research and providing support in GIS-based initiatitves.

  • Feasibility study of an Indian national biodiversity information network.
  • GIS research on estimating the economic cost of biodiversity.
  • Fact-finding missions to Ireland and the World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge, UK.
  • Fact-finding missions to the United States Geological Survey, Denver, USA, pollution control and monitoring agencies, California, USA, and the US Army Corp of Engineers, Nebraska, USA.
  • Attended the 1996 International Workshop on Biodiversity Information, London, UK.