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Apr 07, 2020

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A Velt In Lied (A World In Song)
Amnesia... dink, dink, dink
Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues Are
Band on the Run
Because the Night Belongs to Lovers
Bookseller at the Sunday market
Chess in the park
Chiaroscuro of a Calico Cat
Click Once Measure Twice
Crouching Tiger Sitting Girl
Drumming at Hvide Lam
Epistrophy by Vijay Iyer
Financial Interoperability
Frequency and Volume
Gay Berlin
The Ghost of Elsinore
Heatmaps In PostGIS (with PL/R)
In the old galeria
Jammin at the B-Flat
Jantar Mantar
Lasses in the crosswalk
Licensing Scientific Data Collections
Life at the Side of the Road
Round About Midnight
Serving Data, Licenses, Citations, and Tracking Use
Shanghai Rising
Smokin' at the Hvide Lam
So Low in the Library Mall
Sotto By Night
Stolen Moments in Golden Gate Park
Trinidad, CO
View With A Room
Voronoi Diagrams In PostGIS (with PL/R)
Where In The World is Titty Ho?
Who Owns the News?
Coronavirus Host Community
A Well Oiled Machine Breaks Spectacularly
A Digital Library Everywhere
The Importance of a Data Dictionary
¡ Madrid Mia !
Curriculum Vita
3D Printing
Artificial Intelligence
Open Science and Open Data
Disruptive Technologies for International Development
Maintaining data integrity
“Open” health data and GDPR
RGB to Visible Spectrum
The ABCDs of Smart Cities
Tirana Parks and Recreation
Where in the world am I?
Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Data
Exploring the power of informal learning academies. more
A Circle Whose Center is Everywhere
Convex Hull
Set Operations in JavaScript
TOP Labs to Home
Demystifying Blockchains
you keep on using that term “blockchain.” I don’t think it means what you think it means more
Ovo je život
Law and the GeoWeb
Hong Kong Bay Water Quality Data
Water Quality Monitoring
LED Strip
Saving and Recreating State via the URL
Toward Precision Citation
The Angel and the Acolytes
The Future of Science is Open
While open sharing of scientific tools, data and findings is morally and strategically good for science, it is also strategically good for countries where resources are constrained. Being able to reuse tools and data makes economic sense, and building upon existing work accelerates the development of a world-class scientific community and of scientific knowledge itself. more
Truth has no bias
Back to the Future of Data Sharing
Scientists have always shared data, just not freely, and not with *anyone* who wants the data. For the most part, scientists have shared data with their collaborators, and on occasion, with those who might especially ask them for it. But as science has become more data-intensive, and as the technologies, mainly the network speeds and computing power, to collect, manage, analyze and visualize data, have become more powerful and ubiquitous, the sharing has not kept pace. The relatively recent awareness of intellectual property rights in data have at times brought about a contrarian change — scientists applying unsuitable licenses to their content creating an unintended but significant legal hurdle. All this confusion makes it seem that the goal of seamless data sharing between those who create it and those who want it may be moving further away from our grasp. So what is one to do? more
The Crossroads Conundrum
Hold on, Let go, Be there
The Intergeneration Multiplied
Invasion, Exiles, Wall, Nudes
Canidae, can I do?
Strange Angels
Ce que tu demandes, je me demande aussi
Duality in Love and Hate
In Panik
Line 22
On Equality
Scalable Data Sharing in GeoSciences
Us and Them
When a Virgin Spits
Who Owns Culture
Citizen vs. Science (song)
Geo vs. Medical/Health
a comparison between the geo and medical related activies in the open source world. more
Maxi Music
The One Thing To Read
Public Good v. Private Goods
The good news is that the private sector is taking over from the public agencies when it comes to innovation and investment in the medical/health domains. As such, the difficult but crucial technological advancements, especially when it comes to balancing the desire for sharing with the need for privacy, are going to come from the private sector. The bad thing is that we are already witnessing unintended side-effects to this. And the ugly part is that there will be many more undesirable consequences in the future. The necessary checks and balances—consent, governance, and reparations from harm—will have to come from the public sector, that is, both the government and the common people. more
Stealing Time
City is in the Eye of the Beholder
The Enchanted Reptile Palace
Copyright and the Use of Images as Biodiversity Data
Learning how to teach
An open ecosystem is vital for science, society and citizens
Ethics and Science
The Reformation APIs
Things I’d Like To Do
Who Owns My Data?
Ownership, legally defined as a bundle of rights in the thing that is owned, arises from some provision in either common law or in statute that gives us rights in that thing in the first place. We own land because we bought it or we inherited it from someone who bought it or either we or our ancestors laid claim to it in the absence of anyone else contesting our claim. Similarly, we own other property because we bought it we were gifted it or we inherited it. If there are competing claims to our property, our own claim is weakened until we can prove otherwise. We own statutory rights in intellectual property based on our authorship of that work with sufficient creativity. However, none of these characteristics define health data. We produce health data through the act of existing, but we don’t have any creativity in it. The only thing we have is a right to privacy that gives us the prerogative to deny the use of our data by others. The question then becomes – should we own our health data or not? and what would be implications of doing so one way or another? more
Even Gods Are Fallible
India cranks it to 11
Twenty Things I Care About
The “A” List
Chutei Iki
Fanfare Ciocarlia
Helsinki-Coutonou Ensemble
Ingrid Jensen
Montreal Jazz Festival 2016
Talking in Silences
Toy Town
All That Glitters is Not Sold
A Governance Model for a Health Repo
A Health Privacy API
Reading Writings
Baillie Guard
Data Apps
Don't make web apps, make data apps. more
expressjs app with socket.io
Present and future geo activities at Göttingen more
Maker Faire Berlin 2016
Banking Data
Benefits of opening data
Citizen vs. Science
From a Culture of Apps to a Culture of Health
Helping Move to Open
My Hurt Locker
A Modern Love Story
Blessed are the Swordsmen
CUBE Critters
Everyone is a Mentor
Inexorable Inevitability
The Turtle and the Rabbit
What’s in a Name
why names matter in taxonomy, and how technology can help. more
Federal Data Insurance Corporation
Open Science in HSR
Rating TDM Friendliness of Publishers
The Knitting Club
Upgrading GIS Capacity at Parks and Recreation, Tirana
Paris Plage
Perfect Health Repo Desiderata
Shouldn’t, Wouldn’t, Couldn’t
A Well Designed API
What You Do Says About You
The Cobbler Next Door
My Friend Usha
Three Faces of a Cube
A windswept beach in Ynyslas, Wales
A lawyer, a scientist, and a kid walk into a makerspace
Exploring the power of informal learning academies. more
Cruel Things
The Expected Wait Time Is…
For Someday You May Be A Refugee
Inclusive by Design
Legal Implications of Text and Data Mining
Originally created by the Creative Commons Science, Policy and Legal teams, subsequently revised by me for the web. Placed in the public domain under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. <a href="/Legal-Implications-of-TDM?a=show#1">start presentation &raquo;</a> more
Les Dieux Numeriques
Looking In, Looking Out
A Moment of Rest
The Next Big Thing
Evil communications
Explaining Legal Interoperability
Holy man
Royal Poinciana
Still Blowin’ on the CSM
There is something better than perfection
Things that confound me
Barbershop Quartet
A Little Girl Lost
The Role of Licensing in Science
Being Humane
Data Alliances Beyond Research
Did You See That ?
The Philosophical Framework of Social Contracts
Social Contracts
Social Contracts in the Digital Age
The Teeth Behind the Contract
Citizen Engagement in Science
Assessing the Economic Impact of TDM
A City
Open But Unequal
Ethics and Integrity of Data Collection and Sharing
A lot of people talk of licensing data. That is usually not applicable (as data are not licensable, at least not on the basis of copyright), and it is also possibly misleading. There are just as much, if not more, important issues of integrity and ethics, in both gathering and sharing data that come into play, particularly if humans are involved (whether the humans are the ones gathering the data or humans are the subjects of the data gathering exercise). more
Sharing v. Privacy
While the need for privacy and security have to be respected, access to patient data is essential for continuous learning as well as for diagnosis of edge cases. But the former makes it difficult to achieve the latter creating a tension that seems intractable. A workshop organized by Creative Commons, with generous support from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, brought together those eager to resolve this tension, and make it possible to share data while respecting privacy. more
Sharing v. Privacy
Version Controlled Journal
Les Ombres de La Charité
Maisons de Poupées
Norms Instead of Intellectual Property Laws
The Notion of Privacy
Open Access, Open Source, Open Data
All intellectual output of science can be categorized into literature, software and data. This presentation examines these three pillars, and explores what it means to be "open" as a commitment to practicing open science. more
The City as an App
Dictionary in a Webpage
L’Amour Vrai est Impossible
The Library of the Future
Smart or Scary?
The Unemotional Committer
The Young Republic
A Manifesto for Science
Beyond Law
Changing the Culture
From Aye to Si
It Takes All Kinds to Make a Commons
Learning by Making, Teaching by Doing
The Deceptive Success of Copyright Licenses
The “P” Words
The Problem With Copyright
Business models for open content
Greek yogurt with molasses
CC0 for Data
Creative Commons, Mt. View to Google, Mt. View, and back
The Incredible Agony of Inexactness
Most Datasets are Encumbered
Nob Hill, San Francisco to Creative Commons, Mt. View
Nob Hill, San Francisco to UC-Davis, Davis, CA
O’Connell St. to Croke Park
Pernety to Place des Vosges
Place des Vosges to Gare de l’Est
Rue de Lorette to Gare Saint-Charles
Citizens Consent
OA Decision Tree
Pre-processed TDM-ready archive
TDM Friendly Contract Boilerplate
TDM Workshops
Three Strategies for TDM
Fish Curry
The Inevitable Futility of Eventually
A Taxonomy of Sensors
Wary of Wearables
We Real Cool
Flashes, of Orange
Luz, mediatinta y sombra
Nagesh, the Cook
Protected By Armed Response
Siesta in the Alcove
Siesta in the Doorway
Traffic Police
Information Lifecycle
The International
Light and Sound
Sensors and Sensibility
Summertime in Spring in Cork
<strike>28</strike> 32 Years Later
Desire to Learn
Inventions then cannot be a subject of property
Memories of Trini
My Brother and I
Afternoon Coffee at the Coffee House
Art Alley
Cape Town Kid
Cigarette break
Geddes Sisters
In the U-Bahn
Love art
Mujeres en mi Vida
My Love is a Sensor
Sólo un beso
Twin Towers
Waiting for the bus
Fiddler of Jackson St, San Francisco, NY
Gaps Between Your Words
The Lady With The Beard
Four Seasons in Alexanderplatz
The Light at the Break of Dawn
The Mahogany Room (and a girl called Antoinette)
Take Me To Jerusalem
While We Were Looking At Our Bright Future, They Grew Up On the Side of the Road
You don’t know Jack
The Net Works Effect – Open Data Day 2013
The Three Locks
Astronomy Data Chain
Changing Paths, Staying The Course
Emulating Enumerated Data Types in PostgreSQL
Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothin’ Left To Choose
Hanoz Shīsha-Garān
Stay Away From Lonely Places
We Do Need More Programmers
Copyright Treaties With The US
Member, Association of American Geographers
Data Chain
Designing URIs
Licensing FAQ
Photosynthetic Light Data Chain
Seismology Data Chain
Senior Analyst, Geosciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Data Chain
The Paradigm, The Framework, and The Instantiation
Tree Allometry Data Chain
ईद और दिवाली
वक्त रवानी
Six issues with licenses
Future of Scientific Knowledge Discovery in Open Networked Environments, National Academies, Washington DC
GEOSS Data Sharing Task Force, National Academies, Washington DC
WG on Research, Data and Knowledge Sharing, UN Foundation
Law and the GeoWeb. Intellectual property issues with geographic data in the internet era, AAG 2011, Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA
Open Government. Open data, open source, open standards. Open Source GIS Conference, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK
Program Committee, Open Knowledge Conference OKCon 2011, Berlin, Germany
Access to and Reuse of Public Sector Information, CODATA2010, Cape Town, South Africa
eInfrastructure for Scientific Data
Interoperability As A Guiding Principle For Long-Term Archives
Archive '10 focused on the creation of archives of computer-based experiments – capturing and publishing entire experiments that are fully encapsulated, ready for immediate replay, and open to inspection. It brought together a few areas of the scientific community that represent fairly advanced infrastructure for archiving experiments and data (physicists and biomedical researchers) with two areas of the computer systems community for which significant progress is still needed (networks and compilers). The workshop also included experts in enabling technologies and publishing. more
Measuring Information Accessibility
Can we recognize free when we see it? Can we measure accessibility? Can we rate one source of information as being more or less accessible than another? more
PDL Functions
Role of Volunteered Geographic Information in Advancing Science, GIScience 2010, Zurich, Switzerland
PDL Users Worldwide
Vivek Wadhwa Tries Linkbaiting With The Help Of iPads
Policy Issues in Accessibility and Interoperability of Scientific Data
Coastal Flooding in African Cities
Licensing Geographic Data
Mashing Up Technology and Law
Policy Aware Geospatial Data
Raw Data vs Interpreted Data
Sita Sings the Blues
A Room Full of Dingos
Atlas Gerardi Mercatoris
General Atlas of the World
Tygers, Panthers, Lions and Robbers
Flooding in Cartagena Bay
IAI Training Institute on Data
Licensing Scientific Data
Volunteered Geographic Information
Law and the Rise of the Firm
Location and the Web
Why File When You Can Full-Text Search
LOCWEB '08 – Proceedings of the first international workshop on Location and the web
Ode to the Oxford Pubs
Parque de los Nevados
Secretes of Nature
CC Science Archive
Common Use Licensing of Scientific Data
Intellectual Property Rights
Scientific Data License
Sensored City Press Coverage
Sensored City
Sharing v. Privacy Glossary
Community Ontology
exploring ontology relevant in the context of a community. more
Dashboard Data Model
A small presentation on data models that can be repurposed for many different end-uses. more
What Would Schumpeter Think Of Open Source
IPR Wrong for Developing Countries
Mapping Ecosystem Services Citations
Old Gray Aunties No More
Science Commons Data Mark
Strategies for Open and Permanent Access to Scientific Information in Latin America
CODATA Task Group on Data-Citation, Copenhagen, Denmark
CODATA Task Group on Data-Citation, Taipei, Taiwan
Open Knowledge Festival (OKFestival), Helsinki, Finland
Policy Coordinator for Science and Data, Creative Commons, Mountain View, CA
US-China Roundtable on Data-Intensive Science, Shanghai, China
What Can GIS Learn From Open Source
Pido Silencio
Toward A New Politics Of Intellectual Property
Large Datasets
London Cranes
Open Source
So This is How it Happened
Are you ready to do business online?
Citizen-Sourced Data Commons
governance implications for <b>Open Science</b> more
EIA of Three Soapstone Mines
Using GIS for Pollution Control
The Economic Supply of Biodiversity in West Kalimantan
Caribbean Nights
Measuring Real Benefits of GIS LIS in Wisconsin
About Me
AJs Links
Anthony Seeger
Appropriate Scale
Arc 2 Earth
As We May Click
As We May Think
Babel of Licenses
Basics of GIS
I gave the following "lecture" to a bunch of IIT students visiting University of Waterloo under a program organized by [Srinivasan Keshav](http://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~keshav/). more
Black Bean Casserole
Boatema Boateng
Braised Celery Hearts
Cellphones as Geographic Remote Sensors
China US Workshop on Data intensive Research, Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai, China
Client Driven
CODATA 2012, Annual Conference of CODATA, Taipei, Taiwan
Community Ontology
Compiling Apps On Macs
Computing Stack
Corn Pudding
Crab Cakes
Creative Commons
Creative Destruction
Curried Rice Beans And Vegetable Pilaf
Data Citation Task Group meeting
Data Custodianship
Developing Markets Anti Americanism
Development Alternatives
Different Roles of Technology
Digital Access Index
Digital Access Index India
Digital Manaslu
Does Trust Beget Trustworthiness
Doubling down on Markdown for science
E F Schumacher
Eliza on Emacs
Emergence of Trust Networks Under Uncertainty
ESRI Projections to Proj4 Text
Fanfare For The Silent Man - 1
Fanfare For The Silent Man - 2
Fanfare For The Silent Man - 3
Fanfare For The Silent Man - 4
Free Software
Free and Open Source
Freedom to Innovate
Gazpacho Andaluz
Geographic Information Systems in Developing Countries
Ginger Tomato Chutney
Google Maps Mapping Platform
Governance Model
Government Of Trinidad And Tobago
Grow Up
Growing up of the Baby God
Hardware Layer
Heini Vihemki
Help is Here
Herb Braised Chanterelles
Home Page
How Many Licenses Is Too Many
I Have A Dream
I hardly knew you, eh
Indian Institute Of Management
Introducing the CC Science Advisory Board
Ivan Illich
Jerusalem Artichoke Pancakes
Joint Forest Management
Kalpana Prakash
Karen Cook
Land Information And Computer Graphics Facility
The Language of Technology vs. the Technology of Language
Lemon Pound Cake
Letting Education Get In The Way Of Learning
Licensing Regime
Low Cost
Lower Cost
Mapping For Change
Market Driven
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Master of Science
Michael Curry
Mixed Mushroom Sweet Potato Stuffing
New Zealand Open Data Conference
Not Everything is Equally Free
Oh What Should I Do With You
On de daily breadline
One Blind Man
One Datasource Many Views
Onerous Licensing Regime
Open, But Not as Usual
Open Document Format
Open Document Gains Ground
Open GIS for Developing Countries
Open Hardware Licensing
Open Knowledge Festival, Helsinki, Finland
Open Source Open Wallet
Pamela Samuelson
Papaya Jicama Salad
Perl Ref is an Array
PhD Two Dot Oh
Pitfalls of JFM
PLOS and figshare make open science publishing more open
Politics of Participatory Forest Conservation
Red Lentil Soup
Remembering Lee Dirks
Restrictive Licensing
Restrictive Software
Roasted Maple Glazed Baby Carrots with Dried Grapes
Roasted Parsnips with Orange Zest
Rubbish for Nesara
Ruggedized Intel PC
Salmon With Ginger Salsa
Simon Denizart Trio
Simple Economics of Open Source
Situated Student Learning and Spatial Informational Analysis
Small Is Beautiful
So Let It Be Written So Let It Be Done
Social Networking Patent
Sort Array of Hashes
Spatial Data and the End of Democracy
Spicy Avocado Sauce
Spinach Wild Rice and Shrimp Salad
Sputnik Chortled
Square Pegs In Round Holes
Srinivasan Keshav
Statement of Purpose
Stir Fried String Beans Shanghai Style
Streaming Databases
Sunlight of My Mind
Teaching Young Kids
Tequila Steamed Grouper
Test to Destruction
Text-mining limited access corpuses
Thai Curry Penne
That Orange Smell of November
The World Bank
Three Axioms of Copyright Licenses (and a Conclusion)
Tofu And Bok Choy Stir Fry
Tony Kushner – An Undoing World
Topo Philia
Traditional Knowledge Digital Library
Trust Building Via Risk Taking
Vegetable Medley
Viability of Ideas
Vietnamese Shrimp Curry
What Can SDI Learn From Open Source
I gave a presentation at the GSDI9 conference in [Santiago de Chile]. The disconnect between most of the folks who think SDI and open source was very apparent. I talked about the concept of a [Spatial Data Commons] based on the presentation on [Global Information Commons] by [Paul Uhlir]. The idea of a spatial data commons was received very well by the audience. more
Who Conserves the Worlds Forests
Who Got Left Out of the Property Grab Again
Why Open Science Training matters
Why Ideas Propagate
Yi Fu Tuan
Yummy Recipes
1st International Workshop on Location and the Web, WWW 2008, Beijing, China
2nd International Workshop on Location and the Web, CHI 2009, Boston, MA.
Annual Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Archive '10, NSF Workshop on Scientific Archives, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
B. Tech. Indian Institute of Technology
COUNTER 2010 workshop on Mashing-up Culture
Data & Information Institute
Diffusion of GIS/LIS in Local Governments
Elected Charter Member, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Evaluating GIS/LIS
Fellow, American Institute of Indian Studies, University of Chicago
GeoSpatial Rights Management Summit, Open Geospatial Consortium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
Geographic Information Systems in India
GIS Specialist, The World Bank, Washington DC
High Level Group on eInfrastructures for Scientific Data, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.
Independent Consultant, Madison, WI
Information Commons of Science, National Academies and Science Commons, Washington DC, USA.
Information Systems in Pollution Management/Control, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA.
Intellectual Property Rights, Wrong for Developing Countries?
International Young Scholar
Internet-Based Computing and Systems, The 6th International Conference on Signal-Image Technology and Internet-Based Systems (SITIS '10).
Land Rationalization Study
Law that Drives Change
Life member, National Association of Geographers, India (NAGI)
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Member, Open Web Foundation (OWF)
Member, Working Group on Science, Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN)
Modernizing Historical Records
OneSpace 2009, the 2nd International Workshop on Blending Physical and Digital Spaces on the Internet, Berlin, Germany.
OneSpace 2010, the 3rd International Workshop on Blending Physical and Digital Spaces on the Internet, Berlin, Germany.
Open GeoSpatial Data - Difficult But Necessary
Open Source Software Development and Solutions Track
Open Source Software Development and Solutions Track, The 5th International Conference on Signal-Image Technology and Internet-Based Systems (SITIS '09).
Panelist, Future of Web for Collaborative Science, WWW2010, Raleigh, NC.
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Poster Committee, WWW 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Public Policy - Mashing up Technology and Law
Public Policy - bringing technology and law together for open access
Public Policy and the Geospatial Information Commons
Research Scientist, Development Alternatives, New Delhi
Researcher, Forest Ecology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Saving the Past for the Future
Science Commons Fellow on Geospatial Information.
Science and Technology Policy Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC
SDSS/GIS for Service Planning, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India.
Senior Analyst/Programmer, GeoAnalytics, Madison, WI
Specialist Meeting on Ontology for the National Map, USGS and UCGIS, Washington DC, USA.
Specialist Meeting on Volunteered Geographic Information, NCGIA and LANL, Santa Barbara, CA, USA.
Strategies for Disseminating Large Spatial Databases
Summer Doctoral Program on Web Science, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University, UK.
The National Academies Science and Technology Policy Forum, Washington DC, USA.
The National Academies Science and Technology Policy Forum, Washington DC, USA.
Think-tank on Future Data by Ordnance Survey, University of Nottingham, UK.
Vespucci Workshop on INSPIRE EU Spatial Data Directive and SDIs, Fiesole, Italy.
Visiting Researcher, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
When Tools Become the Barrier
Workshop on Indigenous Peoples Profiles, The World Bank, Washington DC., USA.