Tuesday, January 1, 1980

Senior Analyst/Programmer

GeoAnalytics, Inc.

Madison, WI, USA


GeoAnalytics, Inc., is a small, GIS and IT consulting firm based in Madison, WI. Since 1997, I have been working as an analyst carrying out studies in strategic information planning, best management practices, and emergency preparedness planning for enterprise GIS, emergency management, and Enhanced 911.

  • Dane County, WI (emergency management plan)
  • Dodge County, WI (GIS and emergency management integration plan)
  • Kendall County, IL (enterprise GIS)
  • Village of Palatine, IL (strategic plan)
  • Palm Beach County, FL (best management practices)
  • Florida Department of Agriculture, FL (spatial data inventory)

For the past 8 years I have also been programming web-enabled GIS and database applications, and integrating disparate systems and application platforms with open source programming languages.

  • Wisconsin Historical Preservation Database (Oracle/ColdFusion/ArcIMS)
  • Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission Development Database (SQL Server/ColdFusion)
  • Open Source GIS Application, Village of Palatine, IL (MySQL/PHP/MapServer)
  • Dane County Emergency Management Resource Database (MS Access/Perl)
  • White House Utility District, Tennessee (SQL Server/Exchange Server/Perl)
  • City of Lakeforest, IL (SQL Server/Exchange Server/Perl)
  • City of O'Fallon, Missouri (SQL Server/Exchange Server/Perl)
  • City of Missouri City, TX (JavaScript/ArcIMS)