Sunlight of My Mind

Tuesday, January 1, 1980

sunlight dances shadow time upon the dappled leaves
clouds are rolling inland with a hint of overseas

a little trill, a pan tune in my head trying to tangle with the pulse… as a distant maxi with its Doppler calypso rumbled East… in tune with the mosquito bent upon telling me its secrets in a language I did not understand

a syncopated rhythmical beating on the ground
heart-throb of the tropical mysteries abound

*was this the sound of the heart-beat of the life soul…
the gifts that I have… for whom…
a reality of work, compassion, and a twisted ethic…
am I good? am I bad? am I beautiful?
what is beautiful?

a shekere of memories is keeping time with now
pushing back the future past my cow bells and the cow