Yummy Recipes

Sunday, August 7, 2005

All of the following have been tried and enjoyed.

  • [Crab Cakes] With [Spicy Avocado Sauce]
  • Polenta with [Black Bean Casserole]
  • [Thai Curry Penne] with [Ginger Tomato Chutney]
  • [Jerusalem Artichoke Pancakes]
  • [Spinach Wild Rice and Shrimp Salad]
  • [Tofu and Bokchoy Stir Fry]
  • [Red Lentil Soup] with Coconut Milk
  • [Fresh Green Beans] with Water Chestnuts
  • [Tequila Steamed Grouper] with [Papaya Jicama Salad]
  • [Salmon with Ginger Salsa]
  • [Curried Rice Beans and Vegetable Pilaf]
  • [Gazpacho Andaluz]
  • [Mixed Mushroom Sweet Potato Stuffing]
  • [Roasted Maple Glazed Baby Carrots with Dried Grapes]
  • [Braised Celery Hearts] With Tomato and Olives
  • [Mashed Sweet Potatoes] With Maple Syrup and Chipotles
  • [Corn Pudding] and [Herb Braised Chanterelles]
  • [Roasted Parsnips with Orange Zest]
  • [Vietnamese Shrimp Curry]
  • [Stir Fried String Beans Shanghai Style]
  • [Lemon Pound Cake]
  • Pat's [Vegetable Medley]